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Hour and day passes

1 Hour 22 Euro
2 Hours 29 Euro
day 42 Euro
several Days 2 37 Euro
annual Ticket 3 770 Euro
Servicecharge to change a ticket 3 Euro
1 Hour 18 Euro
2 Hours 23 Euro
Day 33 Euro
serveral days 2 29 Euro
annual ticket 3 560 Euro
Bearbeitungsgeb├╝hr Ticketwechsel 3 Euro

1 up to 17 years, ID card must be shown, parents have to sign a declaration of consent that must be presented to us.
2 price per day, 3 following days minimum
3 valid one year long up from date of purchase in all our facilities during regular opening hours

Wakeboard and water skiing rental equipment

Waterskis & Kneeboard 4 free of charge
Wakeboard Basic 4, Wakeskate, Wakeski 9 Euro
Wakeboard Features 18 Euro
Wetsuit (shorty/long john) 5 Euro
Lifejacket free of charge
Waterskis & Kneeboard 4 free of charge
Wakeboard Basic 4, Wakeskate, Wakeski 15 Euro
Wakeboard Features 26 Euro
Wetsuit (shorty/long john) 8 Euro
Lifejacket free of charge

4 the use of any obstacles is not permitted


Beginners Day 5 59 Euro
Wakeborad Course 6 43 Euro
Individual Choaching 7 65 Euro
Beginners Day 5 46 Euro
Wakeborad Course 6 33 Euro
Individual Choaching 7 44 Euro

5 No appointment agreement required; For information see course description; incl. wakeboard and neoprenes.
6 Dates upon request subject to sufficient participants; Including wakeboard and neoprene
7 dates on request, subject to a sufficient number of participants; 2 h ticket for cable 01 and 02 is included.


1 hour cable 01 or cable 02, monday to friday until 12.00h 160 Euro
1 hour cable 01 or cable 02, saturday/sunday and official holidays until 12.00h 200 Euro
1 hour System HD 120 Euro
Others on request

8 dates on request, choice between cable 01 or cable 02, subject to short termed caveat maximum 20 persons, from 21 persons on additionally 6,- Euros charge per person initial payment of 50% of total order volume callable when booking.


1 night "Back-to-Basic" per person 30 Euro
1 night complete room, maximum four persons 110 Euro
1 night TC-Lodge, maximum four persons 160 Euro
Back to Basic Special: pay for five nights, stay during seven nights

9 bed linen included; breakfast included. Overnight stays require the age of 18 years. “Back-to-Basic”: accomodation together in a 4-bedded room.


Per tent / camper and first person 12 Euro
Every additional person 6 Euro